Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Than 'Inconvenient': Al 'Green' Gore Assaulted By Policy Whores

Nice as it was to win an Oscar for "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore immediately became a target. First, for those who think he should run for President again. In his present wide-bodied condition, 'run' is a euphemism. Thrilled with this incarnation of our former vice president, we don't see a need.
Why throw another log on the Democratic Presidential fires? They're burning hotly enough. Gore is truly an example of a candidate who looks best with his hat on and not in the ring. (In contrast to Obama who has Republican pundits hyperventilating about 'sizzle' and 'rock star status' desperately fanning the hope, a wish, that they are not up against the real deal--a candidate with durable class and charisma. Good Luck to you, sirs.)

Al Gore running for President would, and he seems to know it, be a colossal waste of precious fossil fuel. He's become a rock star in the global politics of energy and has most to offer there. "More than inconvenient" is what the truth of global climate change truly is. And getting the world to work on an extremely thorny issue will take some doing. Particularly since there are still 'bad actors' who have not yet faced the ostracism their unreconstructed views deserver. For example...

Gore’s award inspired Fox’s Sean Hannity to dredge up a worm from something called the Tennessee Center for Policy Research to whack him with the claim his home uses 20 times the energy of the national household average. The center is a right wing non-profit claiming non-partisanship and admittedly promoting “free enterprise” that keeps its donor list hidden. They are paid distorters and obfuscators. There are dozens and dozens of these right wing shells. Hannity then harangued Ed Begley, Jr., demanding Begley say Gore is a hypocrite. “Isn’t that what hypocrisy is?!”

Sean, a hypocrite is what you are, a long-term global warming skeptic who says he wants to drive his SUV without anyone or any organization saying nay who then lambasts others for excessive energy use. That’s a hypocrite. The fellow being paid by The TCPR, on the other hand, is a policy whore. (We’ve allowed these ‘bad actors’ to corrupt the air of our political environment without exacting a price; we hope to suggest how these individuals might be dealt with in future columns.)

Fox’s Hannity, on the other hand, has an audience that delights in his social irresponsibility and gives them and his corporate allies a certain number of free “Hannity jobs" just for fun.

Untangling the knot of corporate bad actors in support of these think tanks is the work of groups like and other who deserve our support.

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