Sunday, January 22, 2017

How I Got To Be Dictator-For-Life-Of-America By Donald J. Trump

    How I Got To Be President-For-Life Of America

                         By Donald J. Trump

First of all, you have to understand one thing, people don’t say ‘no’ to me. It doesn’t happen, it’s like magic. I either charm them to death or I hound them. Over and over.  I ask, I demand, I send letters and lawyers until finally, I trump! It’s my name, it’s my nature. It’s who I am. I don’t give up until they give up, and I get my way.  Trans Pacific Trade agreement, gone!  NAFTA, even now we’re working on the final details. This is going to work out so well for Mexico I may run for President there as well. Anyway, so, it really shouldn’t surprise any of you that I’ve gotten us to where we are today. Thank you. 

This is a movement, we said it right from the beginning. In only a few short years, months, we’ve taken the White House back and made America great again. The economy’s roaring, they’re building factories like never before in small towns; I hear great things from Pennsylvania and Michigan; with Russia’s help we’ve crushed ISIS. Sounds a little like something to eat, doesn't it, crushed ices? Well that’s what we did to them. They’ve evaporated. Gone, no more. Didn't I tell you it'd be easy? President Assad helped. See what you can accomplish if you treat Russia like a partner? We've decimated radical Islamic terrorism and now, with Russia, we have a half trillion dollar oil deal, oil we’re going to extract from Antarctica with Russia. And the credit belongs to everybody.  Secretary Tillerson, President Putin. Both countries rich, both countries strong. Allies.. How far we’re going to go it’s impossible to say. But together, who knows? We did it together.

The administration, this administration. In two years, into a terrible headwind, caused by the press. But remember, didn’t I tell you, what happens when I put my mind to something? And the winning is just beginning, there's no stopping us. Once I lay it on the line I go all in. Fully, all the way. In. And I win. When I’m involved we win.  I’m not saying I never had second thoughts. The primaries were brutal. Name-calling, smears, people said things, I won’t use any of their names. Okay, just one, Marco. But Marco, I forgive Marco, “little Marco”, I’m gonna put him in charge of all relations in the Carribean. And we have big, big plans for the Caribbean. The many projects, hotels, resorts, yacht harbors, beautiful, beautiful projects. Every American will get two weeks off and a paid vacation in the Caribbean. Wouldn’t that be terrific? It's going to happen. Eventually.

I’ll tell you something, some people said I ran for President on a lark. I’d get tired. Do I look tired? But they were wrong.  Wrong “bigly”, only I don’t say ‘bigly’ any more. ‘Bigly’ is in the word grave, buried next to ‘Yuge’.  I stopped saying those words.  Why?  I don’t like being made fun of. It’s disrespectful, and nobody is more respectful than I am, unless you disrespect me first. Then I do many times more things to you. Does anyone like being mocked? To put up with what I’ve had to put up with from the lying media?  I’m not surprised America is so grateful they made me “President For Life”. Isn’t that beautiful, doesn’t that sound beautiful. “President For Life” I love that. How many elections like the last one do we have to go through. Ugly, ugly election. Everybody said so, Democrat, Republicans, Independents, everyone. Lies being spewed everywhere. So much lying..  So much. America wants change. That’s all America wanted. Why did it have to be so hard?

And now we have change and ahead of us so much winning. And if somehow I don’t get us all the way, all the way to the top—I’m not saying that’s going to happen—we’re going to the top.  But if we don’t reach the very, very top. And for this country the skies the limit. Rockets to other planets, we’re going to build rockets to knock everybody else’s out of the air. This is possible to do. Ask the generals. We have plans for it, the best companies are already bidding the jobs to build it. Work, work for the whole country. More work than we can possibly do. We may have to grant more guest worker visas to Mexico. That’s right. We’re not going to knock down the wall. But we’re going to be letting a lot more Mexicans through the door. Full employment. If you’re an American there’s a minimum wage. The Mexican they come in legally, they leave legally and they get paid whatever the market will bear. Fair is fair. Anyway, where was I? The very top. All the way. Who’s slogan was that--LBJ? The Great Society. Great phrase, great idea. Only we’re the ones who created it, that great society. And now that martial law is in place we’re going to keep everybody safe, too.  Watch. You’ll see. No more attacks. We have the backs of the local police. Raise a gun at a cop, boom, you’re dead, no questions asked. Doesn’t matter, black, Asian, white, purple. Respect the law. You’ve gotta respect the law. But it’s a long road, folks. We’ve still got a long way to go. And if I don’t get us all the way up to the top, the very, very top, maybe only 95% there, then maybe one of my boys will. I’m 73, strong as an ox. I don’t plan on going anywhere soon, but just in case. Mike Pence, of course, according to the constitution would succeed me as President. As it should be. He will, god forbid if something were to happen during my term.  We’re not going to amend the constitution, too much to do. Mike’s a good man, god, Mike really is. But I think, with Mike, the country is probably, maybe going to want another Trump to lead them. In consultation. Am I right? You can clap. It’s not up to me, it’s up to the people, of course. The people will decide which one of them, Eric, or Donald, Jr. if there should be an opening.

Or Ivanka. Once she gets over grieving. What happened to Jared. Terrible, terrible thing, accident, murder. I'll tell you what... It was the main reason we instituted martial law. I’ve asked the intelligence agencies, they’re looking into it. Those fences are tall. And nobody saw them, nobody saw them cross the lawn? How is that possible? This is the White House. It was not an inside job. That much we know. But I have enemies. Sick people, sick groups. We know that-- Let me just say ,there’s evidence we’re not allowed to talk about. But I’ll tell you this--when the FBI tracks down who leaked that the lie, LIE, that the FBI thought it was an ‘inside job’ is going to spend alotta time in prison. There’s dissent and then there’s lies and slander. And we’re done with that. There will be serious, serious consequences. But as to the “President-For-Life” position, whatever happens when I go, if I go, everybody has to go, folks, even me. But when the time comes we’re not going to go through that, another election, again. Too costly. The country, the WORLD couldn’t take it. We drove everybody crazy. China was mad at me, Russia, and everybody else, was mad at Hillary. Nearly destroyed the country. Nearly destroyed the country. We don’t need any more of that. You’ll decide what to do, if Mike needs help. How? We have ways of finding out, we know what you think. We listen to you, to the peope. We don’t spy. That’s another lie, that this administration is doing domestic spying. Only of America’s enemies. And then the media. What would we do without them? Those liars across the street. Does anybody believe them, anybody? They don’t know what’s happening, how could they, because they’re not allowed anywhere around here. So who, who, is so stupid to believe them? Nobody, that’s right. The New York Times, the Washington Post, fiction, rumors, fake news.

And god bless the generals. So smart, that’s why I surround myself with them. Can’t have enough generals. They’re doing an incredible, incredible, amazing, amazing job. And under terrible circumstances.  These are good people.  Good, good people. You don’t know how good. Asking me to declare martial law was the last thing they wanted to do.  You can ask them. But they could see what was happening, the lies, the obstruction, the insults. Daily confrontations.  Believe me, they didn’t want to do this. They argued for months. Finally, I said, is this something we should look at?  And they shrugged and said maybe. What with the lies, and the attacks, and the endless attempts to overturn the election. There really wasn’t any other choice folks. They know what it takes, they saw what was coming. You can’t run a country with a minority of people from tiny little areas telling lies and trying to undermine the enormous plans for developments that we have under way. It couldn’t be allowed. We had to do it. But now that it’s done, we’ll see just how great America can be. Thank you, thank you, love you, too.