Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sheen For Gaddafi Switch Shakes Up TV Schedule

2 AND A HALF MEN to resume production with 'new' dictator; Libya to be ‘liberated’ by 'Carlos' Sheen.

In a daring move that both sides hope will immediately calm roiled waters, CBS and Tripoli switched-out self-proclaimed avatar geniuses. While the result appears to simultaneously solve huge PR and logistic problems sources close to the deal acknowledge the hasty trade of drug-addled stars involves substantial risks.

“I have told CBS that, while I am very excited for this new opportunity, I can only commit to one season,” said the former ruler from the Endeavor offices of agent Ari Emanuel. "Though I am thrilled to be working with the greatly talented Jon Cryer and Chuck Lorre, two giants of our industry.”

Meanwhile, frosh helmer Sheen subtlely shifted the focus of his recent diatribes. “Libya, under my leadership, remains unalterably opposed to the state of Israel and its terrorist agent, Chaim Levine.” On ankling his CBS series, the sitcom wildman said, “Sure, I hate to walk away from a fight, but do you know how much rock I can buy with 30 billion dollars?”

Sheen may at best be a temporary fix for Libya an aide to Secretary of State Clinton conceded, and execs at CBS were more than a little worried their top-rated show can survive with the Libyan strongman headlining. “Look, there’s no doubt Moamar can do comedy. But it remains to be seen whether American audiences will buy a show topped by a delusional egomaniac who isn’t a child of Hollywood royalty.”