Wednesday, April 01, 2015

ULINE is Uihlein is The Koch Brothers

The cozy little family business the ULINE company owners like to present themselves as sez:

"Recognizing a local need for a shipping supply distributor, Liz and Dick Uihlein started Uline from their basement in 1980."

A big basement since Dick was an heir to the Joseph Schlitz brewery fortune his grandfather co-founded and another from his father who co-founded Northbrook-based General Binding Corp. who just might have helped supply his company "with the H-101 carton sizer (still offered today). The Uihleins grew the business far beyond their own expectations."


It was only after systematically having multiple customer reps at ULINE misrepresent clear communications and place unrequested charges to a business account that curiosity about the company was raised. The ruthless efficiency was a symptom of far worse. This is not just a predacious company. These are not good people. They are political monsters and using their products lines the pockets of far right wing America.  Uline grosses $2 billion a year. They are a law unto themselves, dominating huge areas of business supplies.

They are, internally, a penurious monolith masquerading as a "family" business.  Externally, they donate huge sums to right wing causes. The company and their products should be boycotted. Find other suppliers.  Check out their links on Muckety below. Share this blog with friends, move it up the google list whose first hits the Uihleins have plastered with encomiums to their Company and themselves.