Thursday, February 22, 2007

The GREEN & GOLD OSCARS... "And The Nominees Are..." (PT3)

For Best Supporting Actress

Here we learn what a PR business charitable work is for celebrities. With so many newcomers in this particular category this year the pickings are slender. And the one veteran appears to hew to the "my art is what concerns me most" school. The nominees are…

Cate Blanchett, Notes on a Scandal - After filming "The Missing" she gave to the Forest Guardians, one of the Southwest’s environmental overseers. She recently converted her residence in the Hunters Hill district of Sydney, Australia into a "green house,"fully powered by solar energy after moving back and declaring that "family and the theatrical community in Australia were a large part of who we are." A periennial nominee, she’ll be pressured to do more.

Adriana Barazza, Babel – Barazza is a dialogue coach and drama teacher suddenly huge internationally. A fairly deep scouring of charity work suggests her work in Mexican soap operas has up to now consumed her.

Abigal Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine – Deeply involved in RED, ONE, GREEN PEACE and Kids For The Protection Of The Biosphere, young Ms. Breslin campaigns tirelessly for… I’m kidding, she’s ten, for chrissake! However, if she’s nominated again in the next couple years.... better get your green resume in order, Abby.

Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls – Ditto. Only so long you can ride American Idleness, Jen.
Rinko Kikuchi, Babel – Also gets a pass. Began modeling at 15, she’s 26 and has appeared in a handful of Japanese features. Without scouring the net, no green causes or charities appear.

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