Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Built mITt -- Romney Robot Revealed

"I come in pieces," Romney told conventioneers Thursday night in Tampa. "Empathy unit to be installed forthwith. Vocabulary at times 'disconcerting'. Perhaps gaffe-prone. Bain, Bain, Bain. I humbly accept your nomination. I am what I am. 'Home, Home in the Caymans...' No man is an island, Paul Ryan is a man, therefore he is not an island. He is the man for the job, I am the man for the jobs... Jobs, jobs, jobs. Steve Jobs.

  For my Mormon mission I chose a year abroad in France. It was hard work, battling rich sauces and Catholic dogma that tended to gum up my crankcase. I don't care for Obamacare, either. Romneycare, cares very deeply. Ann cares, too. I will take America home from our date with destiny and give her a shy peck on the cheese. Colloquials 2.8 installation with Beertalk 1.1 to have near-term release date. Thank you very much, America. I will not disappoint!"

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