Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"How Many Doctors Does It Take..

To Screw Up A Terror Attack?"
"I give up, Osama, how many?"
"None! That's how many! Zero! Never, never again. No doctors, we are done with those arrogant whoreson dogs."
"Apologies, Osama."
"What did I tell you? They give Al-Qaeda a bad name. How many times, Ayman, did we beg them?"
"Many times, 'O'--"
"--Many, many times. 'Just come to a training camp,' we say. 'Don't be silly, Osama, it is not necessary, we are Doctors.' 'For two weeks. That is all. Come in August when you are not so busy.' 'August?!' they cry like stuck-up little Paris Hiltons, 'Do you know how hot Afghanistan is in August? Besides, we've been to med school, Osama. How difficult can it be to blow up a car?' What do we get? A lot of broken glass and one fool with second-degree burns screaming 'Allah, Allah'!"
"You are very right, Osama."
"So from here on out, architects, okay, lawyers, maybe, but the next doctor who wishes an assignment tell him no, no way--"
"--Yes, Osama--"
"Immediately show him the door. No better, have him sign in at the window and take a seat in the waiting room. A cave deep in Tora Bora..."

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