Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Keanu Clips Paparazzi In Gas-Guzzling Vehicle

Dude, Where's Your Prius?

Displaying alarming insensitivity, Keanu Reeves reportedly grazed an aggressive photographer leaving a club here in Los Angeles in the early hours this morning driving a Porsche.

A Porsche, man!? Sheesh, Keanu. Not only is it poor form to be caught inside one of those things, but Porsches get under 1500 photographers per gallon! That is definitely not the way to deal with that kind of situation. If you're going to nail a 'Razzi here's our recommendation.

Keanu Reloaded !!

A Prius is the stealth-vehicle of choice when side-swiping privacy-infringing parasites. They're quiet, they're fuel-efficient and they don't leave marks. What were you thinking?

(This item is posted in partial fulfillment of the original stated mission of The Weekly Green Planet -- to bring you eco-celebrity-news)

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